Ames Taping


Ames taping is an alternative to plastering

Put simply, Ames taping is an alternative to plastering, which involves joining together plasterboards. The tape and joint cement is only put on the plasterboard joints and screw holes instead of the entire area.

When done right, Ames taping creates a seamless and smooth surface on walls and ceilings, which leaves them ready to be decorated the way you want them.

There are many benefits to choosing Ames taping. From a decorator’s perspective, it is tidier and more economical than plastering and it dries quicker.

The work can be carried out by hand or by using taping tools for bigger projects.

It is used a lot in modern developments, not just for the reasons stated above, but also because it acts as fire and smoke protection.

The team here at Elite Decorating are highly skilled and offer high-quality and professional Ames taping services.