Ceramic Tiling


Ceramic tiling provides you with a durable surface, that can be easily maintained.

Ceramic tiling is a great alternative flooring option that can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms, utility rooms and conservatories.

Durable and easily maintained, ceramic tiling has become a popular choice of flooring because of the smooth and elegant surface it provides and its ability to endure day to day wear and tear.  

We understand that your home is your pride and joy, so you want it to look its best. Which is why we only use the best tiles available. By entrusting your ceramic tiling needs to Elite Decorating, you can be sure of a perfectly fitted, sleek and stylish finish.

We offer a complete service, whereby we will remove all the old tiles and remove the old tiles before we fit the new tiles. Furthermore, the experienced team at Elite decorating make sure that all areas are completely waterproof, so you don’t get any surprises further down the line.